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Re: Graphical boot isn't so graphical

On Wed, 2003-07-23 at 19:02, John P. Mitchell wrote:

>     Let me give you a quick example and see what you think. I installed Linux on a computer for my wife who uses 
> Windows 2000 and Mac OS X daily. Upon booting up it did the normal thing and all of the normal init script feedback 
> slid across the screen. She promptly came back to me and asked what all of that 'garbage' was for. She seemed to think 
> that Linux was some kind of half finished 'geek thing' that she did not want to use. So I have a couple of newbie uses 
> for the graphical boot. One is to shield users who do not need/want to know what is going on under the hood and thus 
> decreasing silly requests to the local help desk or from generating exscuses to not use this 'thing'. Second is to 
> give the user the impression of a polished, whole, functional operating system that the user would want to use. Both 
> of these examples give the operating system increased usability due to the fact that the user does not get hung up in 
> 'what is all that stuff?' and just gets his/her work done. Just my two cents.
> Regards,
>     John P. Mitchell <john cepros com>
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A lot of those early kernel messages go by and I don't get a chance to
read it.  I would recommend suspending the graphical boot until
something more SuSE like can be done.  (Aside from the installer,)
nobody thinks SuSE is geek chic at all...

(On a side note, I think SuSE is messy crap, but they seem to have a
satisfactory boot.  :-)

Also, I'd like to see all messages saved to a file at boot...

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