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Re: custom package selection

Op do 24-07-2003, om 18:14 schreef Jeremy Katz:
> On Thu, 2003-07-24 at 07:44, Chris Ricker wrote:
> > I've pretty much come to the conclusion that the severn installer has been 
> > dumbed down to the point that the only way to get a functional install that 
> > does what I want is to use kickstart
> It's far easier to get the system to a state that works with the
> installer and then allow configuration in a normal environment. 
> Maintaining lots of functionality within the installer is a nitemare for
> debugging -- it's far easier to figure out why things go wrong on the
> installed system.  

Nooooo! This is the first step to a "insert cd, wait half an hour for
install to finish and then spend half your day removing crap you don't
need"-approach like Windows XP uses, IMHO.

When removing individual package selection, the only option for me is to
do a minimal install, and then Yum/apt/... the packages I want.

I really think individual package selection is a much needed feature.
And if newbie users select expert option (as suggested in another post),
I think they should be willing to take this "risk". There's a reason why
it's called expert mode, right?

As for doing a minimal install+yum/apt/up2date:
- this is an option, but not for people without a broadband-connection
at hand during system installation
- I find myself doing this all the time, and am wondering whether it
would be difficult to create a minimal installation image that just does
disk partitioning, time zone, network/internet connection and stuff like
that and then downloads packages as they are needed. (I believe debian
has got an image like this). I always have the feeling it's a waste to
use 2 Gb of perfectly fine bandwidth and 3 cd's for a bunch of packages
of which I will probably only install half, if not less.


All opinions are mine, IMHO, 2 cents, and just a tought

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