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Low Memory Warning During Installation

I'm installing Severn to /dev/hdb on my test machine. This is an NFS
install which I started by booting off CD #1, typing 'linux askmethod',
selecting 'NFS image' when prompted, and then pointing the installer at
the NFS partition. 

On the installation machine /dev/hda has a modified version of Red Hat 9
running a 2.5.x kernel, so I want to dual-boot two Red Hat versions.

Got a low memory warning right after autopartitioning of hdb. What I

*select autopartition
*de-select hda as an allowable drive
*edit /boot to change it from the 100 Mb default to 400

I notice that swap on hda was selected for formatting, but decided to
let this go.

When I clicked 'next' after editing the size of /boot, a window came up
warning that I have low memory and swap needs to be formatted and
activated immediately. It asked me for an okay to do that. I've agreed. 

This machine has 512 Mb memory, so I'm rather puzzled that it needed any
swap whatsoever. 

Comments, anyone?

Bob Cochran
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

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