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Re: NVIDIA - Compile driver

[ suggestion: redhat-config-xfree86 detect and configure the nvidia driver ]

Alan Cox wrote:
And uninstall open-motif

|	This software is subject to an open license. It may only be
|	used on, with or for operating systems which are themselves open
|	source systems.

ages ago I asked the opengroup motif people about that part of their
COPYRIGHT and was informed with binary modules loaded this license doesn't
apply and I should purchase a real one.

Isn't this more restrictive than the GPL and therefore incompatible?

Does this mean I can't run an OpenMotif app over the wire to a non-OSS display? I.e., use OM 'with' a non-OSS system?

Would it be acceptable for redhat-config-xfree86 to pop up a dialog warning that the nvidia module is not OSS and therefore may be incompatible with the licence(s) of other packages, and then let the user worry whether s?he is safe from the license police?

Frankly, of the two, a good 3d driver means more to me than OpenMotif.


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