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Re: Taroon annoyance

>>>This happened well over 10 times during the entire install for me.

The problem is that AS and WS share the same disk2 and 3, but different
disk 1s. Because of the order the RPMS have to be installed in, this can lead to the multiple swapping of disks. Some work _might_ be able to be done to lower the number of swaps, but *shrug*

I wonder why they decided to use the same disk2 and disk3 for both

>My guess is because all of the archs for this make it huge. Something like 26 gig. I think they were trying to save space. With hardlinking it comes down to around 18 gig but that is still huge compared to a normal release.

Perhaps when the installer first needs a package that's not on the current disk, it can copy the remaining packages from the current disk that it is going to install before prompting for the next. This may cause it to need a few gigs more temporary space but would be a permanent solution which would allow common disks across final releases as well as an easier time laying out the disks in all the releases. Perhaps it could read the CD steady while it's installing the rpms (should streamline install when installing from a SCSI cdrom).

Scott Becker

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