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Re: File system corruption with Severn

On 28 Jul 2003, Jean-Francois wrote:
> I've got file system corruption using Severn twice, some time after the
> installation, I'm using a  PII-800 with a Intel 440ZX chipset based
> board, and a Quantum 40Gig hd. After repaired the filesystem, I've got a
> ton of error messages in the messages log:
> hda: task_no_data_intr: status 0x51
> hda: task_no_data_intr: error 0x04

I'm seeing that as well (errors and fs corruption) on an old Athlon system 
of mine, with and without ACPI.
(Via KT133, onboard Promise ata100 and VIA ata66, Quantum 40G hd)

> With RedHat 5,2 to 9.0 never had any problems on this computer, it was
> very stable, now very unstable.  I've got strange message too, when
> trying to execute something, it said something like unable to execute
> binary file when I tried to run some command, then I restarted the
> system and the file executed perfectly.

That happens after ext3 gives up on it.  ("Journal has aborted")

Will add something to bugzilla later today.


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