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Re: battery charge status applet broken?

On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 11:35:44PM -0700, Steve Ward wrote:
> That's correct.  I did try the most recent BIOS from Sony (2000 dated) 
> which was released specifically to correct compatibility issues with 
> Win2K (presumably ACPI related).

The mouse and keyboard handling is done in system management mode
on many systems, probably including yours; it then traps and fakes
the PS/2 style I/O.  Maybe that code (which for our purposes is part
of the hardware; it's intended to be invisible to the OS) is being
confused by some ACPI calls?

This does sound like a firmware issue, in any case.  The SMM emulation
of PS/2 mouse behavior should explain how confusing the BIOS could
cause odd mouse behavior.


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