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Re: second try: centrino patch - how to use?

Am Mit, 2003-07-30 um 16.11 schrieb Bill Nottingham:
> Peter (pboy barkhof uni-bremen de) said: 
> > I'll try again: can someone (possibly from Rad Hat) inform us how make
> > the speedstep centrino module work? Or post a link where to find
> > information? There are some people around here who would like to know
> > about it.
>      CPU frequency and voltage scaling code in the Linux(TM) kernel
> ...
> 2.1   /proc/cpufreq interface [2.6]
> ***********************************
> Starting in the patches for kernel 2.5.33, CPUFreq uses a "policy"
> interface /proc/cpufreq.
> When you "cat" this file, .........

Many thanks for the information. Just after boot the file contains just
one line with descriptive information. After loading the module there
are in addition numerical values as described and I can change them as

But: I'm wondering, that in lsmod speedstep-centrino is still
categorized as "unused" (normally there are references to other modules
or nothing at all). And if I switch the freq. to lowest
(echo -n "0:0:0:powersave") the file is changed and contains 600000 as
lowest and as hightest value with policy powersave, but e.g. in Kde
SysMon the freq. of the cpu doesn't change.

Peter Boy
<pb zes uni-bremen de>


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