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Re: re kernel-2.6.0-test: what to do with /etc/modprobe.conf??

Le jeu 31/07/2003 à 12:57, Robert P. J. Day a écrit :
>   based on my reading, the new kernel prefers to read from the
> file /etc/modprobe.conf, rather than the older /etc/modules.conf.
>   to help in the migration, there is the utility
> "generate-modprobe.conf", but in this situation, it doesn't work --
> it fails complaining of a missing "modprobe.old".
>   i'm suspecting that generate-modprobe.conf was written with the
> assumption that one would have upgraded separately to the newer
> version of modutils, which was backwards compatible and, IIRC,
> moved the older versions of the module commands to their
> corresponding ".old" names.
>   this is, i'm guessing, what generate-modprobe.conf is looking
> for, but severn, since it comes with the newer version of 
> modutils already, has no such ".old" backups.  hence the failure.
>   thoughts?

Try to copy modprobe from RH9 to modprobe.old.

> rday
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