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RE: CD audio

Audio CDs ( CD-DA ) are not played like the other sounds, but in a
special, different way ( which is idiotic, IMO ).

It is done by a DAC chip in the CD unit itself, and its output is connected
by a special cable with the sound-cards analog input, labeled as CD-IN.
The sound is also available on the headphone connector on the front of
the CD unit.

So when you try to play an audio CD and nothing is heard, does the CD spin ?
Is the LED on the CD unit lit or blinking ?
Did you try to connect a headphone to the CD unit ?

If the answer is yes, then you are either missing the cable I mentioned (
CD unit and souncard ) or maybe the audio mixer settings have the CD-IN line
muted ( or low volume ).

Xine probably works, because it read the data from the CD and then sends it
to the soundcard, as it is done for the rest of sound types.

So to summarise  :
 - check the CD<->soundcard cable
 - check mixer (volume) settings for the CD_in line
 - use software that works ( Xine )   :-)


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> Subject: 	CD audio
> There is something I just found out, it my be just me, CD audio does not
> work on my Fedora. I see the CD and all but there is no sound at all.
> The only way the audio CD's play at all is with Xine. CD audio player
> does not work. Same with Xmms. Am I missing something. Sound is working
> every where else.
> The CD does not mount, which is normal, I get the track info but no
> sound when playing. I have tried a few CD's and same thing. MP3's work,
> OGG Vorbis works. I must be missing something, but if I was it wouldn't
> work in Xine. I can still rip the CD's using Grip or Sound Juicer.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Mike
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