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Re: KDE "Start Here' doesn't work?

Christoph Wickert wrote:
Sorry for writing to the test list, but this is a reply to an old mail
for the testing times.

Am Di, den 28.10.2003 schrieb Than Ngo um 10:26:

Christoph Wickert schrieb:

This is what happened to me: Start Here worked in Gnome. After some
Updates it worked with KDE, too. After changing the icon theme in KDE
there was no icon anymore (for KDE themes usually include no Start
here), so I changed the Icon to the one from RH artwork.

this icon is missed in other Icon Theme. I will fix it in next kdebase-3.1.4-5

Not really.

So you can't have Start here in KDE and Gnome. Will this be fixed in
kdebase 3.1.4-5?

yes, kdebase-3.1.4-5 will fix this problem.

Not really.
# rpm -q kdebase

Shortcuts created in Gnome won't work in KDE anymore. Nothing happens,
not even a failure in .xsession-errors.

As long, as this doesn't work I vote for separate desktops again.


I would like to see KDE and GNOME more as separate programs myself. The reason for the separation would be more for time line development between KDE and GNOME coming out at different times.

It would probably be better to have a bluetooth integrator that allows for different developmental cycles. That way, there would be fewer complaints when one might decide to upgrade either manager independently.

I am trying out the beta KDE packages and the conflict with the menus causing me to have to remove openoffice.org to test out the KDE manager gives sight to much more conflicting problems in the future.

Bluetooth probably needs to emerge as an alternative manager, instead of as a meshing between the two GUI managers.

Just my thoughts on the separation or amalgamation with the window managers.


-- A visit to a strange place will bring fresh work.

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