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Re: joysick...

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 08:11, stephan schutter wrote:
> I was not thinking of the enterprize... Besides, Microsoft's Enterprize 
> solutions do have this and many other nice-to-have features. I agree 
> that an organization may not make their OS choice based on the presence 
> of a tool to configure joysticks -- but the presence of such a tool does 
>   add to the overall impression of the product; how complete it is.

Microsoft's consumer OS is:

a) a popular game platform
b) a profit center

Red Hat's consumer OS, on the other hand, is:

a) not a popular game platform
b) not a profit center
c) non-existent

With the merging of the consumer/enterprise platforms in the various
flavors of XP, there's no penalty to Microsoft for including the
consumer-friendly parts in the enterprise line (assuming you're speaking
of Win2k/XP Professional) which are also targeted at "power user"
consumers. But I seriously doubt that Microsoft's sales pitch to CIOs
will ever include a discussion of WinXP's gaming hardware support as a
factor of its "completeness" - except perhaps in the context of "Can it
be removed?"

And until Red Hat's revenues start to get into the same city (much less
the same ballpark) as Microsoft's, I wouldn't expect them to apply too
many resources to something that does not tangibly enhance the
profitability of their products.

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