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Re: FC4 - Installation memory test ?

On Monday 20 December 2004 14:05, richard mullens <mullens ntlworld com> 
> I think that such a test function would be useful in FC4 - unless (and

What do you require that typing "memtest" at the FC3 CD1 install prompt does 
not provide?


One thing I've noticed that memtest86+ doesn't do is install a GRUB menu entry 
when you install the package.  I've filed a bugzilla, see the above URL.

> here I'm showing my ignorance) the boot sequence tests memory and marks
> bad memory as unavailable.

It could be handy for a very small number of people to be able to run a memory 
test at boot time and lock out bad blocks.  But for most people I think it's 
best to have a smaller kernel.  If either the BIOS or memtest86+ finds a 
memory error then you have a hardware problem that you have to fix before you 
should expect ANY operating system to work well.

You state that you have found a single bit that's broken in your memory, what 
makes you think that the memory module only has one error?  Maybe after it 
warms up it will have more errors.

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