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Re: Rawhide SE Linux targeted policy warning !!!

>> glibc is also knackered (fails to map correctly).
>That is extremely unlikely, especially since I run it (and the latest 
>policy as well).

I'm also running glibc-2.3.4-3 and haven't seen any glibc problems.

wrt the original problem, I reverted back to targeted 1.19.15-5 and the problem
is still there. There must be another update that caused the problem...but
interestingly, turning off selinux allows me to log in.

I also changed the system to boot to run level 3. From there, if I startx
everything is OK. But if I do init 5 and then try to log in it doesn't let me.
Also found the lack of avc messages may be because the audit deamon got 'em.
There's about 600k lines of messages I'm sorting through. I think I'll delete
them and start over...

-Steve Grubb

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