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BitTorrent ports?

Hi all,

I'm new to the Fedora Test List, so I thought a brief introduction would
be appropriate: I'm a European software developer and tester currently
working in the QA department of Altova (the XMLSpy company). I've been using
Linux since about Red Hat 5.x and made the switch completely a year before
WinXP. My current pet projects include rememberjava.com and

What I wanted to ask you guys about, is BitTorrent, which should be
relevant given that Test 3 is now out:

The question: Which ports should I open to run BT efficiently (and securely)?

My current firewall is rather tight, with as few ports as possibly open,
including the range 6881:6999 TCP source and destination ports, plus
33301:34999 on TCP source (not sure if I need those). However, I still get
loads of junk in my /var/log/message from my iptables setup whenever I run
BT. Also, the up and down speeds are rather unimpressive; both about 10-20
KB/s (I'm on a 3 Mb/s cable modem line). Should I open more ports? Should
I open UDP?



Havard Rast Blok

Web: http://hblok.net
GPG/PGP key: http://hblok.net/gpg.txt

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