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Re: Evolution and cal invites

On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 14:59 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is anyone seeing issues with evolution not picking up cal invites and
> rendering them as such? I'm not sure if this is a standard evo issue
> or the fact I'm using evolution exchange connector. Its been around
> for a while for me but I'm just wondering whether anyone else has seen
> it?

Come to think of it, in fact I have seen this. I got a calendar invite
from someone running Microsoft Outlook 2007 with an Exchange 6.5 server
just the other day. It came in as a normal e-mail message to an account
I access via IMAP. I had to manually create a separate calendar entry
using the information in the invitation as I could do nothing with the
invitation directly other than reply to it as standard e-mail message.

I thought at the time perhaps it was a problem with Exchange and
Outlook. Maybe not though...

Perhaps we should Bugzilla - no...?

I also still have trouble with IMAP accounts where I have deleted all
messages from the Inbox, but have not yet emptied the trash. The last
message remains in the Inbox display with a strike-through line through
the message entry title. All of the other deleted messages go away. If I
switch to a different account and then come back, I get a "cant find
this message" error. If, OTOH, I empty the trash before returning to an
IMAP account, everything has been properly cleared and I have no error



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