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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

On Monday 08 December 2003 07:15, Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> However, that won't be the ONLY feature of Fedora Core 2.  I'd like
> to hear people's wishlists.  Not everything will be possible, but it
> would be nice to have a good list from which to pick the
> possibilities, and from which to also pick ideas later for Fedora
> Core 3.

I would like to see mondo rescue included (http://www.mondorescue.org) 
as well as it's tool chain (mindi, afio, buffer, lzo, lzop).  I already 
maintain RPMS for all of these as the main packager for the Mondo 
Rescue project.  I'd be willing to sponsor them in Fedora, and be the 
bugzilla interface as well.

We're coming up on a full release shortly, which will include xmondo, a 
QT based graphical frontend to running mondo, as well as DVD+RW/-RW 
support.  It's this release (or later) that I'd like to get included 
with FC2.

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE (geek.j2solutions.net)
Fedora Legacy Team      (www.fedora.us/wiki/FedoraLegacy)
Mondo DevTeam           (www.mondorescue.org)
GPG Public Key          (geek.j2solutions.net/jkeating.j2solutions.pub)
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