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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 16:25, Xose Vazquez Perez wrote:
>  o SPAM and virus are blight, spamassassin is a good tool to combat
>    spam, but it is necessary a filter like mailscanner, or amavis or...
>    to get a good mta/antivirus integration.

I have kind of a half-assed package of amavisd-new; it's not exactly
easy to set up and there are lots of knobs for various things, but it
does work with both Postfix and Sendmail (I think it works with Exim
too, now that that's included).

>  o more feature rich POP3 server, like popa3d, solid-pop3d,
>    tpop3d, cucipop, teapop, cyrus ...

Cyrus and Dovecot seem to be rawhide; both support POP in addition to

>  o lighter web server. Apache is too big for basic web services.
>    Candidates : mathopd, thttpd, boa, fnord, ...

I don't know how much of a necessity there is for other web servers;
Apache can be big but it's also modular; it's not terribly resource
hungry for serving static pages.

>  o A good network monitoring program:
>    http://www.nagios.org http://www.opennms.org http://bb4.com

Nagios is about the only viable option here; OpenNMS requires Java and
Big Brother is not free software, AFAICT.  I looked at MIDAS the other
night and while it shows promise, I don't know if it's usable, since the
docs are a little thin and I wasn't able to get it working after several
hours.  That said, Nagios might be a better candidate for Extras, since
it's not useful for a lot of installations, although for a monitoring
host it's invaluable.  It would also be nice to have a variety of 
network stats-tracking (SNMP) in Extras too.

>  o There is no test suite like SUNvts http://www.sun.com/oem/products/vts/
>    to test hardware.
>    Candidates:
>     - cpuburn, for CPU, cooling system, motherboard(especially
>       voltage regulators) and power supply.
>     - cts_cerberus/memtst for memory
>     - netpipe for NET http://www.scl.ameslab.gov/netpipe/
>     - dt, scu, sg utils for SCSI
>     - http://linux-diag.sourceforge.net
>     - fs stress tests
>     - ....


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