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Re: Anaconda is not the place for pedantic customization [ wasExcessive package interdependency]

Le ven 19/12/2003 à 15:17, Jef Spaleta a écrit :
> Chris Ricker:
> > Not a list. The standard r-c-packages screen in group mode that 
> > anaconda
> > already shows during new installs. After finding the packages to upgrade,
> > ask if they want to see other available packages, and if so, show them the
> > groups. Just give people the chance to customize, rather than forcing stuff
> > on them they may or may not want.
> Why does anaconda have to offer this choice?


> Isn't obscenely pedantic package customization the realm of kickstart?

Well, right now for this admin the easiest way to generate a kickstart
is to do obscenely pedantic package customization in anaconda and tweak
the autogenerated kickstart file.

The problem doing it any other way is you need to match anaconda
tools/release media while when you use the target cd anaconda you're
sure to get a working kickstart file.


Nicolas Mailhot

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