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Re: kernel cpufreq dothan support -- kernel patch proposal

I forgot to mention this:

The patch isn't mine at all, I found it on Stefan Tomanek's site, and it's written by Michael Clark (as far as I can see)

my apologies for the missing credits...



Warren Togami wrote:
david paeme wrote:

/* i've also submitted this into bugzilla, bug #144060) */


The kernels distributed with FC3 (up to the version in updates/testing) seem to be missing support for intel's Dothan Pentium-M.


What do you people think about this? useful? good for inclusion? It certainly is nice to have this stuff working...

Thank you for your submission, but as the case with any kernel patch, it would greatly simplify software maintenance for both us and upstream kernel.org if it is merged into the upstream kernel. Please focus your merging efforts there.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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