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ssh X forwarding change in FC3

The FC3 release notes say:

"The behavior of ssh clients that are invoked with the -X flag has
changed. In OpenSSH 3.8 and later, X11 forwarding is performed in a
way that applications run as untrusted clients by default. Previously,
 X11 forwarding was performed so that applications always ran as
trusted clients. Some applications may not function properly when run
as untrusted clients. To forward X11 so that applications are run as
trusted clients, invoke ssh with the -Y flag instead of the -X flag,
or set ForwardX11Trusted in the ~/.ssh/config file."

See also:


Essentially what this means is that most X applications will
break if forwarded back to a FC3 system with default config.
Now it wouldn't be so bad if they just wouldn't work.
They break in subtle ways usually related to mouse events.
This is just silly IMHO and will cause no end of hassles
for users trying to figure out what's going on and
also be a waste of time for developers of those X apps
who will receive bogus bug reports.

So can we change the upstream default back to what it used to be?


Pádraig Brady - http://www.pixelbeat.org

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