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Re: [Possibly OT] Trademarks

On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 14:50 -0500, Paul Iadonisi wrote:
>   For the Mozilla case, based on some of the excerpts I've read, they're
> expectation is unreasonable: they want people to know they are using
> Firefox and Thunderbird (by name), but they want to control what types
> of changes are made to the software.  To me, that's end-run around the
> FOSS licenses which they have chosen.

	This is almost exactly like the qmail situation.  DJB wants you to know
and use qmail, but you can't legally distribute any binaries or code
thats been modified with his expressed approval.  I assume that if these
projects keep asserting their trademarks like this, they will face much
resistance and backlash from the community and people will just start
using some alternative.


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