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Re: Smartrpm was (Re: Fedora Core 4)

> Come one, even wget shows this :)

Then file an rfe. It might get done. Ranting about what you don't like
just on this list means it probably won't. why? B/c I'm busy and I don't
always have time to read all the messages on every list. So I try to
follow out the bugs that get filed. Bugzilla filing is also the best way
to let others track progress (or lack thereof) on items filed against a

> Why make the verbosity default? Or do you run X in verbose mode? Mozilla?  Do
> you upgrade local rpm packages with rpm -Uvvh all the time?  Why are people so
> worried about diagnosing packaging problems? Does this happen that often in
> fedora?

Packaging problems happen often when you mix a lot of repositories, yes.
Also there are a number of occasions where fedora updates-released cause
packaging problems. I've found if you don't output anything while things
are going on people infer that to be slow. If you do output something
people think things are fast. Of course you try to make it take as
little time as possible but sometimes it doesn't and rather than sit
there silently I'd love for people to know what's going on.

> Now, why did I even start the download then you may ask? It's because I had no
> idea how large it would be (yum didn't tell me).

Please, file an rfe, then.

> I hate to have to tell this, but other package managers show the ETA for the
> whole thing just fine. They know how much they have do download, and they also
> know how fast it is comming, and they know how to divide one by the other.

How do you know how fast it will come before downloading anything?

> I was afraid it would piss people off. That's not what I meant. If you think
> the above suggestions are crap, too bad. I was trying to help. 

So help, then, open rfes.

> In fact, why don't
> you alias yum="strace yum" if it's that buggy that you need to debug it all the
> time.

You don't think that sort of comment is unnecessary and inflammatory?


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