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Re: grip being removed [Re: rawhide report: 20050120 changes]

ons 2005-01-26 klockan 12:30 +0100 skrev Enrico Scholz:
> Nicolas Mailhot laPoste net (Nicolas Mailhot) writes:
> >> > xmms uses gtk1 and doesn't seem to be needed; should it be removed?
> >> 
> >> No, there is no other nice-looking mp3/ogg/... player in FC.
> > ...
> > The controls are badly organised
> what would be the alternatives? Some Gnome UI crap where half of the
> important options can be configured with regedit only?
> I looked at rhythmbox and it is catastrophic for simple music listening... a
> huge window which requires at least the half of my screen width (the minimal
> window size seems to be 670x293). No way to turn off the window title, no
> 'pause' control, no control to influence the position within the song, a
> volume control where 3 small curves show the volume... As said... a typical
> Gnome2 application which tries to follow blindly a UI guideline without
> taking care about ergonomic.


It has a pause button, it has a slider for controlling position in the
songs, and the size of the window is 350x85.

Pause and the slider do not appear until you play a song, which is in
line with the UI guidelines.


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