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Re: Better repodata performance

seth vidal wrote:

You mean like rpm is a pain? ;-)

hahah, yes, but that's your pain :)

More seriously, I'm like a weekend's work away from adding a look-aside
cache to rpm -4.4.x (which has a relaible http/https stack using neon) that
could be invoked asynchronously to yum as
rpm -q http://host/path/to/N-V-R.A.rpm
and then yum could read the header from the package as it was being downloaded
into /var/cache/yum/repo/packages since you already know the header byte range
you are interested in from the xml metadata, thereby saving the bandwidth used
by reading the header twice.

That's a far bigger bandwidth saving than attempting to fragment primary.xml,
which already has timestamp checks to avoid downloading the same file
repeatedly (I've not looked at yum code, but that's a pretty easy check if not
there already).

Or, if you don't want to wait for me to get off my butt and add the lookaside
cache to rpm, then roll your own helper that permits the same saving, i.e. don't
download the header twice.

Then perhaps this endless thread can move on to other issues ;-)

From www.apple.com:
  Tip of the Week: Force Quit is Easy!

Hehehe ...

73 de Jeff

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