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FC5test1 devel freeze, November 14th

If you are involved in the development of Fedora Core as a packager,
here is information that will be relevant to you.

FC5test1 devel freeze now November 14th
Rawhide is undergoing a large amount of churn as we are preparing for
the switch from monolithic to modular X.  Modular X is one of the larger
and more important changes of FC5, meaning we need extensive test
exposure.  For this reason the test1 devel freeze has been postponed
until November 14th.

Fedora Core 5 Development Schedule has been updated.

Participants of the Fedora Documentation project have an updated
schedule here for release notes content and translation deadlines.

If you are brave and willing to deal with the unpredictability of
rawhide, your assistance in testing, reporting and fixing bugs as we
approach the November 14th devel freeze would be greatly appreciated.

Modular X requires FE5 Fixes
The major change created by modular X is that XFree86-devel and
xorg-x11-devel are no longer provided in the buildroot.  All packages in
both Core and Extras are now expected to have BuildRequires on the
individual libFOO-devel packages of the newly split modular X.  In order
to ease into this, the current monolithic xorg-x11 package in rawhide
contains many virtual provides for libFOO-devel.  Modular X itself will
hit rawhide *REAL SOON NOW*.

In addition to the lack of XFree86-devel and xorg-x11-devel,
/usr/X11R6/lib will disappear so packages that previously hardcoded this
path will need to be fixed.  mharris has indicated that he is preparing
a webpage with further details about modular X and things that need to
be fixed.

Unfortunately FC5 rawhide will not be consistent and suitable for many
FE5 builds until the entire modular X tree is pushed.   But when it does
happen, everyone's help will be needed to find problems in Core and
rebuild packages in Extras in order to rapidly prepare everything for test1.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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