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Re: rt2x00 driver support in FC5

Michael Favia wrote:
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The rt2x00 project provides ongoing support for the rt2400 rt2500 and
rt2570 chipsets that were open sourced (GPL) by RaLink. The chipset is
quite popular and used by a few dozen vendors (linksys most notably here
in US) in various PCI and USB based hardware:


RT2x00 is aiming for eventual adoption into the kernel but a large
number of distros have taken initiative and included them in their
latest releases. A few of those distros:

* SuSE since 10.0
* debian (contrib)
* Gentoo (portage)
* Mandriva

Does fedora have any plans to include support for this hardware in FC5?
Fedora sure could use some help in the wireless support department and I
think this is a good addition that will get a large number of people off
of the inherent dangers of ndiswrapper. If you visit the site you will
notice 4 codebases (1 each 2400/2500/2570 and one 2x00 unification
project). While the unified project is most tempting it is also the
least developed and just began supporting association this week. The 3
individual projects however have a very stable codebase and report very
high success rates. I am also willing to help in any way possible.

- -mf
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Your best bet is to get the driver into the mainline kernel. Fedora generally doesn't add external drivers to the kernel.

				Brian Gerst

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