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Re: FC5 rocks!

On Mon, April 24, 2006 10:32 am, Paul A Houle said:
> 	It's really great.  It's clear that many of the concerns that people have
> had on this list have been listened to.  There are a lot of details I
> could
> complaint about,  but FC5 has raised the bar again for what people can
> expect from a desktop OS.

While FC5 did add a number of nice touches, I am personally not as
impressed. I ended up having more problems with it than with FC4:
  -- Firefox crashes regurarly, or uses 50% CPU and has 2-3sec latency
     Yeah, Firefox also has some nice touches, but honestly, browsing
     experience is sub-par. This is _the_ most important thing people
     do on their desktops nowadays.
  -- my Canon SD400 stopped working due to SELinux
     Now, I lover SELinux, and I have largely ignored calls for its
     removal, but this is getting to be too much. Working with media
     on a desktop is right under browsing in importance. Read very.
     Problem is that the bug has been filled, but is still not fixed
     on my FC5 (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=187712)
     Daniel claims the bug has been fixed, has it been pushed to updates?
     This is very, very frustrating, as you have no fscking clue why
     things stopped working magically. I also think that having this
     sort of functionallity tested before release is an absolute minimum.
  -- Evolution doesn't print emails
     This is basic, fundamental functionality! The bug has been present
     in FC4 too, but it doesn't seem to register of people's radar.
     I receive invoices, etc that I need to print, and I can't. It is
     absolutely ridiculous.

Not to mention a number of very annoying and branidamaged GNOME
fsckups. Of course, I know, "upstream". But whenever I try to
report it upstream, I'm told that they don't design for the minority,
things are perfect and need no change. And then they complain that
the GNOME comunity has lost its spirit!

Folks, this is not sustainable. Red Hat has long pushed hard for things
like GNOME, Evolution, etc, and for good reason. I am fully behind they
decision, I think it was the right one. But they need to stand behind
their choices, Fedora or not. They _are_ the 800lbs gorrilla or the
Linux world, and their voice matters. A lot. It needs to be a lot more
proactive relaying the impressions of their customers to the upstream
projects, and to impose some order and direction to this nonsense.

Just telling folks like me to shutup and report upstream will do no-one
any good. Vast majority of folks will simply give up (and thus we lose
a lot of valuable feedback), and you will simply get a lot of disgruntled

We can complain upstream, but we need to feel that Red Hat is behind us.
Otherwise, we all know that its just a big waste of time. Especially when
we're talking about GNOME. Nothing changed in their elitiste attitude.
It is one of the most frustrating experiences, why would you subject your
customers to it?

Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com>
Lattica, Inc.

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