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Re: Double dare ya, Fedora! And your art sucks!

>>>>> "Casimiro" == Casimiro de Almeida Barreto <casimiro barreto gmail com> writes:

Casimiro> The java that comes along with GCC runs only about 10-20% of
Casimiro> Java Applications in market.

Casimiro> I'd say that the status of Java within GCC is the
Casimiro> same status of wine... an unfullfilled promise.

At FOSDEM this year there was a nice talk about the status of Swing in
GNU Classpath.  The core message was, a year ago (Nov 2004 to be
exact), Classpath's Swing implementation was essentially useless.
Classes existed but even basic functionality didn't work; according to
the talk we had about 74% of the methods in place -- but about a
quarter of those were just stubs.

The situation is completely different today.  Most of the Swing
patches I see are either for the text widgets (which are the last
incomplete piece) or bug fixes to make applications work.

So, please be a little patient.  We've put a lot of effort into the
basics, and these are pretty solid now.  We are very near having the
needed critical mass, where suddenly many more applications will work.


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