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Re: Which unresolved bugs block a release?

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 20:10 +0100, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Will Woods wrote:

> > Well then - let's start friday Bug Days again. This friday (and possibly
> > next friday) we can try to work through the FC5 and FC6 test release
> > bugs. It's only 380 bugs! Here's the link:
> > 
> > http://rdr.to/W8
> > 
> > That's (currently) 460 ASSIGNED, MODIFIED, NEEDINFO and NEW bugs against
> > all the FC5 and FC6 test releases. 
> > 
> > Next week: FC5, or FC6? 
> > 
> > This might be a good time to mention the recently-created
> > fedora-qa-list:
> > http://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-qa-list
> > 
> > Further discussion of this topic should go there.
> > 
> Sounds like a plan to me (friday bugs day) but may I suggest starting with F7 
> test bugs so that we can get F7 in as good a shape as possible before release.

F7 bugs on Friday? Isn't that what the other 6 days a week are for?

Besides, we don't have F7 test releases in bugzilla - it's all just
under 'devel' (i.e. rawhide).

For reference, here's the link for "rawhide bugs active this week":


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