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Re: Presto logging

Tony Nelson wrote:
At 11:26 AM +0300 3/26/07, Jonathan Dieter wrote:
Also, our test server is syncing updates and extras every six hours.
Does anyone know if there's a way for the fedoraproject servers to push
updates rather than our polling?

I don't think so, but you could poll just the repomd.xml metadata file
pretty quickly.  If it is updated, then the repo is probably worth syncing
with.  You might also check if the filelists.gz is updated as well.

Problem with this is, that unless special care is taken to do it this way, we can't rely on the repository metadata to be updated last.

I still vote for adopting the debian way - add a

	if test -f /path/to/mirror/trace/$(hostname); then
		rm -f path/to/mirror/trace/$(hostname)

to the start of the sync script, and a

	date > /path/to/mirror/trace/$(hostname)

to the end...

(obviously, the code would have to change to reflect the public mirror name, if different from $(hostname) and such, so this is just an example of how easy something like this could be.

When syncing against ftp.giantmirrorsite.com, we can check for the "ftp.giantmirrorsite.com" file in the trace directory. If it's there, we can relatively safely assume that the mirror is in sync. The contents of the file would indicate the time of last sync completion and the other contents of the trade/ dir reveals the path the updates has traveled downstream. Very nice.


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