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Re: Presto logging

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Tuesday 27 March 2007 00:59:57 Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:
as long as
he remembers to put a simple date in a file, when he's done.

Which calls for special syncing. And there is no guarantee that they'll create the date file before or after the sync, so we'll still have to validate the age of the repomd files.

That's the whole point. We need to specify/document/demand the order in which the sync phases are carried out (remove date file, sync, create date file). The sync part is entirely up to the mirror admin, but the other parts are not. For a mirror to be considered official, they'd have to obey to these rules (I can't imagine, creating a timestamped file would be a huge obstacle for most mirrorsites). The date of the repomd.xml file is really another issue. It'll let you know the age of the repository contents, but it's not suitable for checking mirror sync status since you'd need to remove it for sync, and thus disabling the use of your mirror for updating, while syncing. Various different approaches can be taken to make this better, but IMO, none that I've seen or heard are as simple as the date file method.


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