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Re: hplip: hp-toolbox advertising?

Bernard Johnson wrote:

Thank you for the clarification.  The only problem I see, if I
understand you, is that the mp3 codec is sole-sourced to Fluendo.  I
understand that Fluendo is the only vendor to providing a legal
alternative today, but we should have the ability to allow multiple
vendors at that step.

We do it this way because

* Fleundo is the company that employs many (most?) of the gstreamer developers that provides us with a Free multimedia framework. This is one way of acknowledging their efforts.

* It is a gratis solution and a commonly requested feature.

* If we provide redirects it is just a additional step over making it a click through option which is more usable. Like you said there really isn't any choice of vendors to provide the same feature and providing a theoretical level playing feature for a gratis component does not appear to important as opposed to the usability advantage at this point.

If there are other vendors in the future we can reconsider what we need to do. The hooks for codec buddy are already in upstream gstreamer, nothing is hard coded and we can change this very easily.


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