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Re: Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Am Mit, den 24.09.2003 schrieb Sean Estabrooks um 21:47:
> On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 21:21:48 +0200
> Tim Kossack <tim_kossack web de> wrote:
> > Am Mit, den 24.09.2003 schrieb Sean Estabrooks um 19:21:
> > 
> > > Fedora Legacy is not maintained by RedHat.   Anyone can release
> > > updates
> > > for as long as they want.  No problems there.   But RHN updates to the
> > > Fedora core are explicitly stated to be available for up to 3 months
> > > after
> > > the next release.   But as mentioned in the FAQ there isn't even a SLA
> > > for
> > > this period of updates.
> > 
> > i haven't fully understood how the bugfixing/updating-process will work:
> > 
> > does red hat provide bugfixes for fedora core over rhn (for free?), and
> > the bugfixes for the add-ons are provided via apt4rpm or yum for the
> > external reps? 
> > or will all the bugfixes (provided by red hat or the 3rd-parties) be
> > avaible over rhn?
> > 
> Here is how i interpret what is available on the Fedora web site:
> Fedora Core updates _will_ be via RHN.   These maintenance updates will
> only be available for 2 to 3 months after the following release of Fedora.
> That means you'd get 6 to 9 months of updating for each release from RHN.
> After that you'll have to rely on 3rd parties.  In any case RedHat
> explicitly states there will NOT be a Service Level Agreement attached to
> _ANY_ package updates for Fedora whether in the maintenance period or not.

just looked again at 


according to that page, not just fedora core, but maybe also fedora
extras are distributed over rhn. i say "maybe" because the exact
phrasing goes: "RHN has the option to carry Fedora Extras content"
don't know if this means that rhn will provide fedora extra when or if
the resp. maintainer for a package requests to distribute it this way,
or that the user(s) has to pay for that as an extra service.

however, it seems quite clear that fedora alternatives, fed. legacy and
third party won't get distributed via rhn which is ok imo.

it would be nice if someone from red hat could clear this up, and it
should even get stated on the website (in the faq?) more clearer (that
means, if it's not just me having difficulties understandning it).

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