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Re: Is the Print Support and OpenOffice Yes/No really honored

On Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 09:35:58PM +0100, Matheesha wrote:
> Doh! I should have tried "rpm -e" before mailing the list and I now know
> why. I installed the admin tools and system tools which installed
> redhat-printer-config. I had to remove the following packages in this
> order to get rid of cups.

Removing packages you don't want is a tedious workaround. I have
developed a kickstart file for my testbed machine which names packages
I don't want installed, like the two OOo libs. I did this because I
expect to do multiple installations while I check out the OOo problem
you mentioned and a few other things. And then there's the next

Developers, please remember that many people in poorer countries are
turning to Linux and they are as much a part of your market as folks
in rich countries. Installations that squander resources such as disk
space will cause problems for poorer folks that rich folks can afford
to ignore.


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