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How to pass audio via HDMI (Fedora 7)

Hello All,

I was going to use HDMI to transfer sound as well as video to my SONY
LCD TV. The problem is that I don't really know how to do it. 

My video adapter (ASUS EN8600GT/HTDI) has an SPDIF-in connector to
pass the audio stream through HDMI interface. I connected my
motherboard's SPDIF-out to this one. 
Then I un-muted 'IEC958' as described here:

But all my attempts to play any audio file gave me no sound. Is there
anything else I need to do?

My TV accepts "Two channel linear PCM; 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz; 16, 20 and
24 bits" audio over HDMI input.

When I'm trying to play back a file via mplayer it says the audio
stream is 2-channel, 48000Hz PCM. So it should be fine... But I still
get no sound.

What else could be wrong?

My motherboard has one internal and one external S/PDIF output. I
don't think there is a difference between them, but the internal one
is connected to the video card. I read the manual but it said nothing
about configuration of the S/PDIF in terms of which one to use. So I
assume both outputs should work at the same time... But I might be
wrong here.

I would appreciate any help!

Best regards,

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