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Re: Reserving uid/gids for specific packages -- Revisited

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Bill Crawford wrote:

> On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Chris Ricker wrote:
> > synchronizing names but not UIDs / GIDs is going to pose problems when doing 
> > NFS between systems with different IDs but same names.  ditto for backup on 
> > one and restore on the next....
>  If you're planning a large installation, it's not a big thing to plan
> things like what user names and IDs to use.

Right, but if you're doing LDAP / NIS / rsync you're probably going to have
established names as well.  For example, the Red Hat RPMs use group
"postdrop" for postdrop, while I use group "maildrop" here for it; that's
something that was established long before RH put postfix in Raw Hide, and
it ain't going to change now just to deal with my RH machines (I'll fix the
RH boxes instead, particularly since I roll my own postfix RPMs anyway)....

*shrug* A list of names only strikes me as being even less useful than a
list of name:id pairs (and that's not very useful either, though I do think
it's a good idea to collect vendor's defaults some place like rpm.org as a
reference), since it won't help little sites (see problem above) and bigger
shops will just ignore it anyway in favor of their own practice.  This 
really isn't a problem rpm can / should solve.


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