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rpm 4.1: Failed Dependencies

Hello, everyone :)
I just rebuilt rpm-4.1-1.01.7x.src.rpm on Red Hat 7.3, and it provided
me with the following packages:

I then proceeded to install them using rpm -Fvh *.rpm (the above 5 rpm's
were the only ones in the folder) and this is the error I received:
error: failed dependencies:
	librpm-4.0.4.so   is needed by kdeadmin-3.0.0-4
	librpm-4.0.4.so   is needed by gnorpm-0.96-14
	librpm-4.0.4.so   is needed by rpm2html-1.7-6
	librpm-4.0.4.so   is needed by rpmfind-1.7-7
	librpm-4.0.4.so   is needed by ucd-snmp-4.2.5-7.73.0
	librpm-4.0.4.so   is needed by ucd-snmp-utils-4.2.5-7.73.0
	librpmbuild-4.0.4.so   is needed by kdeadmin-3.0.0-4
	librpmdb-4.0.4.so   is needed by kdeadmin-3.0.0-4
	librpmdb-4.0.4.so   is needed by gnorpm-0.96-14
	librpmdb-4.0.4.so   is needed by rpm2html-1.7-6
	librpmdb-4.0.4.so   is needed by rpmfind-1.7-7
	librpmdb-4.0.4.so   is needed by ucd-snmp-4.2.5-7.73.0
	librpmdb-4.0.4.so   is needed by ucd-snmp-utils-4.2.5-7.73.0
	librpmio-4.0.4.so   is needed by kdeadmin-3.0.0-4
	librpmio-4.0.4.so   is needed by gnorpm-0.96-14
	librpmio-4.0.4.so   is needed by rpm2html-1.7-6
	librpmio-4.0.4.so   is needed by rpmfind-1.7-7
	librpmio-4.0.4.so   is needed by ucd-snmp-4.2.5-7.73.0
	librpmio-4.0.4.so   is needed by ucd-snmp-utils-4.2.5-7.73.0

I realize that the programs in question require the old (my current)
version of RPM.
Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated :)  I'm pretty new
at this, but I am willing to learn :)  My brother Dave, who get's paid
to work with computers and is our family's Linux guru, thinks I'm a
genius (I think he takes my abilities too far :))

Thanks for your help :)
Steven P. Ulrick

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