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Re: Having problems with rpm --rebuild (kernel issues?)

Yes, I think I've reached the limit of how much this group can do for me..

I was thinking either the kernel mailing list, or the glibc mailing list..

Hopefully I can find someone who's willing to help like in this group (thanks a lot BTW)..

Kurt B. Kaiser wrote:

David Stuart <dstuartspam@rogers.com> writes:

Maybe something bad is happening during the recompilation,
or I have some option wrong.. bleah!

Well, you certainly have the perseverence to solve this !

If it were me, I'd be using gdb on the problem.  Another approach
is to take this to another forum where there are more experts in
kernels/libraries/permissions.  I've never had to get into that
area and can't help much.

Good luck and let us know how it came out.  It's probably something
simple, almost always is.  :)


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