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Re: Building RPMs from source code vs. building RPMS from precompiledbinaries

Just my opinion.. and I'm not sure it will be a popular one.

If you are creating a commerical application, that you have no plans to ever deliver source to the customer then frankly it doesn't matter. In fact in your case (with what you described) I would feel more comfortable delivering binary rpms produced from binaries as it avoids "rocking the boat" in the build system.


Bart Whiteley wrote:

I'm looking for arguments for why we should build RPMs
from source code instead of precompiled binaries. I've read Maximum RPM, and Ed mentions a couple
of things, but his comments are meant for people
who are building RPMs out of other peoples' code, not for shops developing apps which will be shipped as

What arguments can I use to make my case? Perhaps I'm mistaken. Is it not such a crime to build
RPMS from precompiled bins instead of source?

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