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Re: pentium4 kernel

Just look in /usr/lib/rpm and copy&paste every 'athlon' target line for a pentium4 target.. also don't forget to adjust the x86 macro to include pentium4.. even then some packages will give some problems since they hard coded the targets (i386,i686,athlon) but most would be compilable for p4 then (also don't forget to make the dir /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/pentium4)

Dennis Gilmore wrote:
Hi,  quite probably this is a stupid question  i installed the kernel src rpm  
and configured a spec file for pentium4 and built the kernel packages  with 
rpmbuild -ba --target pentium4 kernel.spec  rpm  tells me the resulting rpms 
are uninstallable im wanting to rebuild glibc for pentium4 also as a test to 
see how performance goes  mostly with multimedia applications.  how hard 
would it be to implement in rpm  to allow package built for pentium4 in a way 
similiar to the athlon's



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