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a letter to the rpm dev team:

Good morning everyone!

	Its me again; my automatic software updater
is almost rock solid. There is just one or two
problems that I have that logicly shouldn't be
or can't be fixed outside librpm.

	I'm going to lunch and then after that
I'll make theese changes (this could take me 15 min.
or it could take me an hour or two to do it *well*).
My boss might tell me otherwise but I'm prepared 
to spend an extra hour or two on this if you 
are interested in the changes I'll make and/or have 
opinions on how to proceed.

	1. when rpmtsRun() returns `-1' I have no
	clue as to why. (prescript ? opendb ? install ? post ?...)

	2. unless I construct my own loop and create
	single no-dep transactions; librpm will continue
	to execute transactions after one or more have failed.

I am proceeding to work around #1 right now in 
transactions.c/psm.c (so at least I know that
the failure was due to a post/pre[un]install script).
I'm thinking of going with something like
rpmSetErrorCode(REASON) method.

And as for #2, I was thinking of adding a
`transaction' flag that would mean in effect
(not sure if it should look more like
would take alot more effort for a little
more logic/readability).

Cheers all,

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