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Re: Draft RPM Guide available online

> (BTW, I know about the doxygen-generated documentation.  It's useful as
> a reference for exactly what a particular function does, what parameters
> it takes, what it returns, etc., but it doesn't tell you *when* a
> particular function should be used.

Very true.
> Also, "read the source" is not an
> adequate answer, not for a project as large as RPM.)
<levity>Oh why not.   What doesn't kill you makes you stronger (or is
that makes you want to kill yourself (-;).</levity>

Yeah, what is missing from docs ultimately is an overall explanation
of the design of rpm and its API's.  Most documentation also completly
misses the CLI API's (these are the API's that the CLI programs in rpm
actually use, most of which is encapsulated in lib/rpmInstall.c) which
some would argue is really what you should try to use, unless you
absolutely need to go lower.  I've been hacking on rpm itself for a
few years now, and I can tell you figuring out the design from reading
the source is very daunting.


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