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What is up with BuildRoot ?


This is my first post on this mailling list, hopefully someone could help me.

Alright, so i am pretty confused about BuildRoot. Clearly, it said in many document that it is were temporarily built files will be.

My question are:

1. While building the package, in the %install section, we did specify that the software should be installed in the temporary root (BuildRoot). Ok, that works fine. But if i bring the binary RPM package to install somewhere else, the software is still installed in /usr/bin or other root-access directory.  So with the binary RPM, does it ALWAYS get installed in the system directory, no matter how it was built ????

2. What is up with the %makeinstall macros anyway ? Does it just prepends the "prefix" and other things ? What if the source's Makefile (of the .tar.gz file) does not define the "prefix" variable ?

Many thanks

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