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Re: RPM Problem

On Aug 24, 2006, at 10:58 PM, Ali Zamanian wrote:

Hello All:
i have some problem with RPM
when i install RPM-4.4.6 on LFS-6.1.1-3 i can install *.src.rpm and also i can create rpm package but when i want to install .rpm file i have trouble with simple spec file that only create a directory in / it give me this error
/ is needed by %package-name%
or if i create a file in /etc it give me /etc is needed by %package- name% i have tried different version of rpm but this problem always exist for me its very important and vital to me to use rpm on my lfs system please help me .

These are dependencies on parent directories, new in rpm-4.4.6.

Try creating /etc/rpm/sysinfo with the missing directories, e.g.
so that the parent directories are provided.

The better fix is to install a package that contains the directories.

On other linux systems, the file system skeleton is often contained in setup
and filesystem packages.

73 de Jeff

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