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error while installing a binary rpm package

Hi all,

First let me explain the scenario:
I am building package for CUPS. As per my spec file i will get three
binary packages, cups-1.1.23, cups-libs-1.1.23 and cups-devel-1.1.23

In my spec file for the devel section i have specified
Requires: %{name} = %{version}

Now after successfully building the packages when i try to install the
resulting 3 rpm files

# rpm -ivh cups*rpm

i get dependency error while processing cups-devel package. I get
message saying that this package requires cups = 1.1.23 and the same
is not available.

As i understand, since i am giving rpm -ivh cups*rpm, i should not be
getting this error message.

To install the package the package i can use --nodeps and everything works fine.

Also if i modify my spec and change the Requires: option in the devel section to
Requires: %{name} >= %{version}

and install the resulting binary packages using the above mentioned
command "rpm -ivh cups*rpm" i don't get the error and all the files
gets installed.

Note: this works if i use %{name} <= %{version} aslo and not for
%{name} = %{version}

Can anyone tell me as to why i getthe error in my first case?


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