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Upcoming Redhat Releases

Details on next redhat releases:


Red Hat's attack on the enterprise desktop market is due for launch in
September or October with the delivery of the Red Hat Linux Desktop. The
company's president of international operations, Alex Pinchev, said the
product is being launched in response to customer demand and will be
priced to give Microsoft a run for its money in terms of total cost of

"Our target market is the enterprise desktop," he said. "It's probably a
tougher market competitively than the server market and the price level
will probably not be much lower than Windows, but the cost saving will be
in the combined cost of management and support."

Pinchev said that Windows typically costs $300 per desktop, including
license and management costs, while Red Hat's target is $100 per desktop.
The company will be helped in reaching this aim by the September/October
release of version 3.0 of its Red Hat Enterprise Network systems
management service, which will add functionality for the configuration,
provisioning and patch management of desktop systems.

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