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[Spacewalk-list] Using Spacewalk and Kickstart without PXE/cobbler?

Title: Using Spacewalk and Kickstart without PXE/cobbler?

Hello all,

I have been tasked with setting up the following scenario, and hope I can realise it using Spacewalk:
We have (as some might have seen earlier) a working Spacewalk 1.7 Server, which has been setup
recently. We also have a PXE-Boot solution for IT Deployments (Matrix42EMC) up and running, which
works fine for deploying Operating Systems etc.

What we want to do now would be to have Matrix42 boot a client to a redhat/centos install iso, and attach it
to a kickstart file serviced/provided by Spacewalk, but without invoking it into the boot process.

I understand that you have to create a local kickstart tree with the ISO to use it, but I guess it would be possible
to bypass that later when you just boot the same iso using other means and give the correct path to the kickstart
file(s) on the console?

Anyone ever experimented with this kind of setup?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Kind regards
Alexander Gruel
IT-Systems Engineer / Abteilung IT-Operations

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