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Re: eth0 not starting on bootup

On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Darryl W. DeLao Jr wrote:

> I have my server configured to where the only network device that activates
> on boot is eth0.  This morning, I changed the name of my server and
> rebooted.  After that, the eth0 interface is now no longer starting when the
> computer boots.  Nor does it even go through the "bringing up eth0
> internface" that you normally see when Red Hat starts.  When I type in the
> command "ifconfig eth0 up" the interface comes up, but does not have the
> statically defined address settings that it has always had.  I had to end up
> creating an new interface eth0:1 which is a virual setup just so I could get
> connectivity.  Now that connectivity has been established and I have told
> this interface to now start on bootup, red hat still does the same thing.
> None of the interfaces that I have destined for startup will activate on
> boot.  Is there a startup file of some kind that I may need to modify or
> some kind of script so that the interface will start on boot?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Here's an example of the type of lines you should see in

HOSTNAME=<name of your computer>
GATEWAY=<IP number of the gateway your computer uses>

You may have others, such as

NISDOMAIN=<name of NIS domain -- skip this line if you don't use NIS>
DOMAINNAME=<something with a form like x.y.z, where your full computer
   name is of the form a.x.y.z>

but if you don't, your network should still come up.
   Here's an example of the type of lines you should see in

IPADDR=<IP number of your computer>

Other lines can also go in ifcfg-eth0.  The GATEWAY amd HOSTNAME lines
might be here instead of or in addition to in network.  You may have NS1
and NS2 lines to hold the IP's of timeservers for ntpd if you use ntpd.
But your network should come up with just the lines I showed, possibly
with a different NETMASK.

   The command "chkconfig --list network" should show something like
network        	0:off	1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on	6:off

Steven Yellin

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