Get to market faster with Avnet.

Avnet Embedded offers a complete range of displays, software, embedded computing hardware,networking, and wireless products to customers in a wide range of markets. Our business is growing rapidly, and integrating Red Hat® open source technology into our products is a key driver of our growth.

Why Avnet?

  • Software Access: Access the most current Red Hat software and platforms. Get all updates, maintenance, and security fixes for no extra charge.
  • World-Class Technology: Your customers deserve world class appliances. Avnet partners with leading enterprise suppliers to ensure you get high quality components, reduced costs, and faster service.
  • Unbiased technology insight: Expert consultants offer unbiased insight and guidance regarding the products that would make your product most successful.
  • Operational Efficiency and Performance: Proven expertise and best practices for going to market globally
  • Finance and Profitability: Avnet's consultants offer strategies and resources that drive financial decisions.
  • Custom Integration: Get fully integrated solutions tuned to your business needs.

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